Tax Services


Individual Tax Preparation

 We offer tax preparation, along with a variety of methods for you to  receive your tax refund in the smallest amount of time possible. The  federal tax code is reformed annually by congress and is constantly in a  state of flux.  Most non-tax professionals, aka average tax payers, are  intimidated by the IRS and their governing body, the department of the  Treasury.  We offer you the comfort of knowing that your tax filing is  in the hands of experienced professionals.  Whether you are filing a  simple return with only some income coming from W2s or if you are  self-employed and are itemizing dedications; our tax filing services are  focused on minimizing your tax liability and making sure that you get  the full deductions and credits you are qualified for. 


Business Tax Preparation

 We offer comprehensive business tax filing services, not just for  individuals and sole-proprietors but for Corporations, LLCs, Estates,  Trusts, and Non Profits, as well.  Our network of experienced tax  professionals can look beyond the numbers and help you not just file  your business tax return but help you better manage your profits and  losses.  Corporate tax planning and filing is complex to say the least  and certainly varies with every client.  Let us quote your business tax  needs and we are confident that our services and prices will beat the  competition. 


IRS Resolution Services

 Protection & Piece of Mind.  All returns filed have the ability  to be protected by Sure&Secure IRS Resolution Services and Audit  Coverage.  If you receive a letter from the IRS, rest easy, knowing  that professional assistance and interpretation is only a phone call  away.  Correspondence Interpretation, Offers in Compromise, Payment  Arrangements, Lien & Levy removal, and Penalty and Interest  Coverage are comprehensively bundled in one affordable package that  ensures you are prepared and protected in the event that your return  comes under review.  If you have past tax issues, we can help as well.   Our goal is to comprehensively resolve all of your tax issues with you  ending up with as little tax liability as possible. 

ITIN / EIN Applications


Sales & Payroll Tax


IFTA & other taxes